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Our new and improved electrical simulator for Creo Schematics: simulate and validate designs quickly and accurately; improve efficiency and quality, save time and money.

Electrical Simulator

eSimulate,Virtual Interconnect's new electrical simulator for Creo Schematics, gives electrical engineers a fast and accurate way to analyse electrical circuits.  It is designed to allow engineers and designers to quickly and efficiently determine the optimum combination of components, terminals and wires, whatever they are designing.  By providing useful information early in the design process and by minimizing the need for expensive prototypes, eSimulate simplifies the design process and saves time and money.


eSimulate provides the engineeer with extremely valuable information, throughout the design process.  Utilizing this information, designs can be iterated and improved, easily checked and validated, without the need for expensive prototypes or costly delays waiting for manufacture.  eSimulate allows you to create a virtual prototype of your electrical wire harness, optimize its design and check for faults.  Ultimately eSimulate saves time and money whilst improving efficiency and quality.

Do you need to be able to examine parts of your circuit under fault conditions?  Or maybe you need to know what current is flowing through components after a set time?  Does your job include voltage drop analysis of wire harnesses?  Or perhaps you spend a lot of time iterating your design?  eSimulate can make all these tasks - and many more - a whole lot easier. 



Fully integrated with Creo Schematics and Routed Systems Designer

No 3rd party simulation tool:

  • No data translation errors
  • Consolidation of software
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Familiar and consistent user interface
  • Simplified design process

SPICE based electrical simulator

Industry proven electrical simulation engine

Voltage margin analysis

Design confidence:

  • Electronic wire gauge validation
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Optimized design
  • Reduced harness cost
  • Reduced harness weight
  • Improved product competiveness
  • Reduced harness development cycle time

Automatic wire overload detection

Avoids harness failure:

  • Reduces warranty costs
  • Improves product safety
Automatic validation of design prior to simulation

Reduced debug time:

  • Automatically open sheet and highlights error
  • Comprehensive reports

Flexible workflow

Bi-directional property update:

  • No re-work
  • Increased user productivity

“What if” scenarios

Design optimization:

  • Incremental investigation
  • Compare & contrast multiple reports

Use your own libraries

No need to redraw existing libraries

Simulate existing designs

Reduced re-work

Multi-environment analysis

Progressive design simulation:

  • Accommodates multiple design strategies

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • Creo Schematics 2.0 or later version
  • Also compatible with Creo Parametric

 Find Out More

  • For demonstrations of eSimulate's functionality, visit our YouTube page
  • To find out about and dowload RSDSimulate Lite, the free trial version of eSimulate, click here
  • To discuss your requirements, request a demo or a quote, please contact us.



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